Ever since Louis XIV set up a band of oboes and bassoons to be his morning alarm clock and processional herald, ensembles of wind instruments were a regular part of aristocratic households across Europe. Throughout the 18th century anything from duos to octets of woodwind players were the “ipods of the élite.” Bands were employed by the nobility to provide music on call. They would march for festivals, provide outdoor entertainment, serenades for special occasions, and music for the banquet hall. Resident composers  provided these groups with a constant stream of newly-composed music. They also played arrangements of the pop music and folk music of the day, kept socialites abreast of the fashions from the city, and the latest hits from the opera house.

Bläser Band continues the tradition by bringing the sounds of genteel merriment back to life on the instruments of the period. Their sonorities are at once rich, and characterful as they take you through a delightful selection of music of genius like Mozart’s superlatively crafted octets to frothy pieces for lighthearted ephemeral entertainment.